About Me

Hey there, welcome to my world! I’m Curtise Lewis – Stay-at-Home Dad, Entrepreneur, and your go-to guy for all things dad life.

Imagine a small island in the West Indies, where the sun shines gloriously on your skin, and the sea shares its secrets. That’s where my journey began—on the enchanting island of Montserrat. Fast forward, and here I am, soaking up the vibrant colors and flavors of Mexico. Life’s been an adventure, to say the least!

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Mission Unveiled: Building a Tribe of Dads

But let’s talk about the heartbeat of this page—the mission, my raison d’être. At the core, it’s all about family first. This space is a dedicated haven for dads who’ve taken on the noble role of the primary caretaker. We understand the daily hustle, the constant motion, and the never-ending to-do list. It’s no cakewalk, but guess what? We’re in this together!

While my trade might be plumbing and mechanics, life threw a curveball my way during the pandemic, pushing me into the role of the Stay-at-home Dad Extraordinaire. Diapers, giggles, and sleepless nights became the norm. And amid the chaos, I somehow managed to snag a Google IT certification. Because why not turn a challenge into an opportunity?

In an extended family multiple people can make decisions

What are my intentions you ask?

Sharing the Chaos, One Dad Hack at a Time

So, here I am, sharing my journey, experiences, and a growing toolbox of dad hacks. This blog isn’t just a digital diary; it’s a community hub. Whether you’re fixing household leaks or cleaning up a cereal spill of epic proportions, I’ve got your back. Advice, tips, and the kind of encouragement that only a dad who’s been through it all can provide.

Buckle Up, Dads – Let’s Build, Laugh, and Learn Together!

So, my friends, fasten your seatbelts, grab your beverage of choice (hot cocoa or juice box, no judgment), and join me on this wild adventure. Let’s create a community where we laugh, learn, and grow together, embracing the beautiful chaos of being a stay-at-home dad. Here’s to dads who do it all, and here’s to always putting family first!